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If you are interested in finding out how we can help you to improve your profitability, operations, processes or productivity, please feel free to contact us for an informal chat at any time. 

Site visits and preliminary meetings are free of charge and without obligation.  We will also produce terms of reference for the potential project in the form of a consultancy proposal, including total fees, time scales, estimated savings and predicted payback.  Again, this is not chargeable.

This means that the viability of the project can be determined at the outset, providing a degree of confidence as to the eventual outcome.  Furthermore, this transparent approach ensures that there are no hidden costs or extended time scales.

In common with the rest of our service, everything is completely confidential - even if you decide not to proceed with the project.

Jeff Holt

email: jkh@oxfordholt.co.uk

mob:  07778 597738

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