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About us

Core values


Many consultancy companies come and go - even some of the larger ones.  Oxford Holt was formed in 1992 with a set of basic values and principles that have stood the test of time.  Our core philosophy is to provide our clients with the opportunity to improve the profitability of their businesses in a practical and realistic manner.  We concentrate on what is appropriate to their businesses.  Not necessarily the latest fad or fashion, but workable solutions that are achievable and sustainable.  Solutions that will add value to their company in the form of higher profits and other tangible benefits.

The Principal Consultant is Jeff Holt.  He normally plays some part in each assignment and project manages most of them.  This means that we are able to provide the type of personal service that is hard to find today.  We are also much less prone to the higher overheads and higher fee rates that characterise some of our larger competitors.

A large proportion of our assignments have developed by ensuring client satisfaction, leading to repeat business and referrals.  Therefore, once the relationship with a client is formed, it is regarded as a long-term commitment.

Track record


We are extremely proud of our track record of successful assignments extending back around 30 years.  During this period, we have completed around 500 diverse and challenging projects that have delivered real value to more than 150 clients throughout the length and breadth of the U.K.  The payback against the consultancy fees of a typical project averages 10:1, meaning that this is a highly cost-effective service.

Many projects have been part-funded by the UK Government, Local Authorities or the European Union.  With this type of work, there is a greater degree of scrutiny of the outcome due to the fact that Tax Payers' money is being used.  A complete list of these projects, including the savings and (in some cases) a client rating that relates to the level of satisfaction is available upon request.

In addition to readily supplying references, we are happy for prospective clients to speak to any of our past clients regarding the quality of service provided.

Operating principles


Oxford Holt & Company is affiliated to the Institute of Consulting which is the professional body for the practice of management consultancy in the UK.  Its history and background is an amalgam and extension of several predecessor bodies, the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) and the Institute of Business Advisors (IBA).

The Institute has a core focus towards promoting excellence within the management consulting profession.  Oxford Holt is governed by their Code of Professional Conduct relating to the practice of Management and Business Consultancy in the United Kingdom.

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