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Oxford Holt & Co.

Business Improvement Consultancy


Profitability - Performance - Processes - Productivity - People



Formed by Jeff Holt in 1992, Oxford Holt and Company specialises in performance improvement consultancy and has operated across a wide range of businesses, covering most industrial and commercial sectors.

Based in West Yorkshire, we have helped organisations from all around the UK to become more productive and profitable.  We aim to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible business performance by consistently improving effectiveness and efficiency, leading to enhanced and sustained profitability.  Our expertise extends across all parts of the organisation including:

- Sales      - Administration      - Manufacturing      - Finance      - Logistics      - Supply chain    

The overall aim is to enable a maximum return on investment from the resources deployed in the business.  This includes; manpower, materials, equipment, expenses and overheads.​  The company offers assistance, advice and practical solutions in relation to a wide range of business issues that impact upon profitability.  This may be in the form of consultancy, project management, training or mentoring.  

Virtually all of our projects are self-financing with the consultancy fees recouped within a matter of months - sometimes weeks.  Several projects have actually become cost neutral on the first day!  Currently, the savings-to-fees ratio is averaging 10:1, meaning that a typical improvement project pays for itself in around one month based on first year benefits. 

The client list extends to more than 160 companies, ranging from small owner-managed firms with just a handful of staff to multi-national corporations employing thousands.  Specialist areas include:

Business performance improvement

Lean manufacturing

Process improvement

Productivity applications

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